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Cristin & Jerry own Porch & Prairie Flowers Boutique Design Studio in Lovelady, Texas. They started from the ground up in late 2018 and turned a profit in the first year of sales. READ MORE HERE.

Being a Flower Farmer is incredibly trendy right now.

With the excess of flower growers there is a lot of competition, market saturation & "red ocean" tactics. So if you are going to turn a profit, you better have a solid plan in place.

"We realized immediately there was a serious lack of solid, reliable information about growing, selling, pricing and profitablity within the Floral Industry for a FarmerFlorist. So we decided to share that hard-earned knowledge with others so they can achieve as well." - Jerry

Getting the most out of FarmerFloristU resources means 3 things.

1 - Honestly reflect on where you are currently are, in your OWN flower adventure.

2 - Determine your personal & professional goals and where you want to be in your business.

3 - Identify what you're willing to do, what you're willing to learn and calculate investments you're willing to make to achieve your goals quicker.

The FarmerFloristU Podcast

was created to get authentic resources and information about the un-sexy part of business & numbers of becoming profitable into the hands of flower folks around the world....and people listened.

FarmerFloristU Educational Platform

was created from the gap that IS the business side of the Floral Industry that no one talks about.

The Money & Profit
It took no time before folks like you, were reaching out and asking for help because they simply weren't seeing the success they should be. So we created FarmerFloristU.

Are you ready to take your flower based business to the next level?

So how can we help YOU with your flower-based business?

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